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Central Park Pedicab Guided Tours

Central Park like you've never seen it before!

Central Park Pedicab Guided Tours

Official Central Park Tours is a union of experienced pedicab drivers with great knowledge about Central Park and New York City. We offer high quality pedicab tours for any occasion! We have experienced sightseeing tour guides and we're ready to make your trip in New York memorable!

People say the nicest things… 


“My fiance and I visited New York for the first time a couple of months ago and this tour was a highlight of our trip. Lots of fun and great things to see!”

Adam Kant



“I highly recommend Central Park Pedicab if you want to see the true beauty of Central Park. Driver was fun and we were not rushed through anything."

Kevin Walker



“OMG so much fun! If you are visiting Central Park this tour is a must-see! I would do it all over again. My friends and I had a blast.”

Tracy Fox

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